Conflict (competing interests, differing opinions, etc.) is inevitable in any dynamic and complex organization or relationship. Some world-class businesses use best practices to learn how to build on conflict to promote mutual understanding, make the most informed decisions, strengthen trust, and maximize buy-in to achieve constructive instead of destructive outcomes. 

Bob Weiss has served as a government mediator in over 100 organizations and taught conflict resolution in numerous settings. 

Approach:  Depending on your needs and interests, Bob can:

1) Serve as a mediator in high-stakes, challenging conflicts involving business partners, organizational leaders, or other employees.

2) Teach conflict competency.  The purpose is to create a robust organizational culture where all leaders, and ultimately all employees, are expected to develop the skills to engage in honest, respectful, and effective dialogue.  The goal is to achieve motivating, productive relationships and the best possible business results, particularly in stressful, emotionally charged situations

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