Bob Weiss

PresidentCutting Edge Leader

(845) 745-1232

Bob Weiss specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, mindfulness skills, conflict mediation, and organizational change.

Nationwide, clients have included those in technology, health care, law, advertising, manufacturing, distribution, publishing, education, trade associations, professional theater, and nonprofit organizations.

As a practitioner, he has held positions as: a government mediator in over 100 conflicts; an HR and Training Manager for a multi-state region of a NYSE Company; and Vice President of Human Resources in organizations up to 10,000 employees.

Since 1975, Bob has also taught university and college courses in leadership, business ethics, organizational development and change, human resources management, and labor relations.  

Bob holds a Masters Degree with a concentration in management from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.  He is certified as an Executive Coach by the College of Executive Coaching, advising business owners, CEOs, other managers, and professionals of large and small businesses on a national basis.  He has completed a multi-year appointment to the Membership Committee of the International Coaching Federation and coordinated research for the ICF.

Bob’s breadth of experience has provided the opportunity to observe the best and worst of management practices and to understand the many pressures inherent in business owner, executive and leadership positions.  He combines these insights in collaborating with clients to create meaningful, motivating, and productive work environments to help people and businesses reach for their human and organizational potential.

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