Coaching offers vital development support to the most effective executives and leaders as well as to those who may be struggling.  The purpose is to help them manage self-induced stress, strengthen proactive leadership behaviors, and enhance communication skills to build trust, productive relationships, teamwork, and deal constructively with conflict to continually improve business results. 

In addition to traditional executive coaching, we also use a unique “leadership team coaching model” in conjunction with focused, 1:1 coaching to achieve high-impact organizational results in a very cost-effective manner.

Sample Benefits Depending on Your Business Objectives 

  • Support development of high-potential leaders.

  • Create a more motivating and productive work environment.

  • Help managers learn to coach employees to improve performance.

  • Improve relationships, trust, teamwork, and cross-functional collaboration.

  • Develop dispute resolution skills to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.

  • Reduce resistance and successfully implement important organizational change.

  • Empower, motivate, and unite employees around an inspiring mission and core values.



Since 1975, Bob Weiss has also taught university and college courses in leadership, business ethics, organizational development and change, human resources management, and labor relations, most recently at Marquette University.  

He customizes high-end, leadership development workshops to the needs, challenges, and culture of your organization. The approach uses best practices, often in conjunction with an executive and/or leadership team coaching process, that optimize adult learning and skill development. The goal is to address real-time leadership challenges to improve short-term and long-term business results. 

One objective is to support each manager in making a difference to help the business and all employees align to develop organizational and human potential.  Another objective is to develop and engage all employees to exhibit leadership initiative in using their knowledge, experience, judgment, and accountability for results that contribute to an inclusive, inspiring, and productive organizational culture.


Numerous surveys show that 70 - 90% of employees are not actively engaged in their work. Learn and develop best practices that world-class leaders use to create high levels of employee engagement. Why? To develop workplace cultures where people feel valued for the work they do, respected as individuals, and motivated to use their knowledge, experience and initiative to create shared success for the mutual benefit of employees, the entire organization, customers, clients, and the communities in which they work.



Conflict (competing interests, differing opinions, etc.) is inevitable in any dynamic and complex organization or relationship. Some world-class businesses use best practices to learn how to build on conflict to promote mutual understanding, make the most informed decisions, strengthen trust, and maximize buy-in to achieve constructive instead of destructive outcomes. 

Bob Weiss has served as a government mediator in over 100 organizations and taught conflict resolution in numerous settings. 

Approach:  Depending on your needs and interests, Bob can:

1) Serve as a mediator in high-stakes, challenging conflicts involving business partners, organizational leaders, or other employees.

2) Teach conflict competency.  The purpose is to create a robust organizational culture where all leaders, and ultimately all employees, are expected to develop the skills to engage in honest, respectful, and effective dialogue.  The goal is to achieve motivating, productive relationships and the best possible business results, particularly in stressful, emotionally charged situations

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